Luludi Living Art Landscape Design
Landscape Design
November 16, 2018
May 27, 2018

Welcome your guests to a lobby with an interior garden as its centerpiece. Framing landscape as art, we strive to bring the natural environment back into our built environment.

Bringing greenery indoors as an artful focal point in building lobbies is a positive design trend with many healthful benefits. From green walls to potted plants and terrariums, living art lends a softness that transforms interior spaces so they feel much more human. It feels warm and inviting, it produces oxygen and it sets up the experience of a relaxing oasis. Working with the concept of biophilia, humans' innate affinity with nature, Luludi will work with you to incorporate living art into your environment.

Luludi Living Art Lobby Wood Planter
Luludi Living Art Yellow Orchid Terrarium
Luludi Living Art Lobby Orchid Tabletop
Luludi Living Art white Flowers Tabletop Display